Our vision is to set global benchmarks of excellence in every aspect of business.


                 We don’t just manufacture tyre valves. Our greater cause is safety in the movement of                  people and goods in India.



                      Being the most crucial force behind our business, we have always endeavoured to respect and empower                       our people, bringing out the best in them.


                      At Triton, craftsmanship is at the centre of everything we do. Paying attention to the smallest of details and being                       meticulous ensures that our valves and cores are precision-crafted products.


                      At Triton, we are driven by an innate desire to excel in everything we do. Philosophies like ‘Get it right the first time’ and                        ‘Zero-defect manufacturing’ are a way of life for us.


                      We wear the Triton badge on our hearts and it is this passion that allows us common people to attain uncommon                       results every time.

                      Customer Success

                      At Triton, we don’t merely aim to satisfy our customers but strive to help them succeed, because we believe that our                       customers’ success is as good as our own.


                      At Triton, uncompromising ethics are rooted in our DNA. We are committed to being transparent, fair and                       honest, and work with the highest level of integrity towards our people, the environment, and society at large.

                      Joy of Life

                      The smiles on our customers’ face, the thrill of solving a problem and the sheer joy of success is what drives us all at                       Triton.