Triton’s entry into the automotive air conditioning industry was born out of a desire to push the limits of its technology to the next level. The air conditioning industry requires valves to withstand a higher magnitude of pressure, the ability to resist corrosive fluids and seal with precision. Triton has been able to significantly improve first-pass ratios and eliminate quality problems faced by customers in the manufacture of the fluid transportation systems of vehicle air conditioners. Triton offers a wide range of gas charging valves for a variety of automotive applications from passenger cars and truck cabins to roof mounted air conditioners for luxury busses. We understand the role we play in protecting the environment because any leakage of refrigerant gas from an air conditioner is not expensive to replace but has a direct and adverse impact on the environment. This understanding motivates us to ensure that every single valve and valve core that we put in to service performs without fail.


Using the right sealing material helps us deliver long-lasting, leak-proof valves.


Complete design, prototyping, validation, testing and mass production facilities in line with international standards


Helium sniffer for design validation and troubleshooting


High precision machining and assembly lines with built-in quality checks